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We believe in Search Engine Marketing, and have proven that it works for almost every company. AMP will take your online web presence to the next level.

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Guaranteed results is what brings customers to AMP Digital Marketing. We know how to work with business of all sizes.

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"Mark is very creative and business savvy.He is very determined to get the job done fast and efficiently." December 22,2016,Toni was with another company when working with Mark at AMP Digital Marketing.  

Toni Freelance Web Content Writer
Freelance Web Content Writer

"Jovail and fun to work with,Mark was a great colleague who always had a positive attitude.I had the pleasure to work with Mart at 180fusion in the account management field.He always cheerful and wonderful with clients as well as had a great knowledge of processes and creating efficiency.He is awesome to work with and recommended him to anyone looking for a charismatic and process oriented team member." March 28,2016,Laney worked with Mark at AMP Digital Marketing

Lany digital marketing lead
Digital Marketing Team Lead at Advice Media-SEO

"Mr. Mark Dominguez is a top marketer,an experienced SEO and can handle any type of online and internet marketing.He has the capability of managing corporate sales growth.He is very humble man who everyone likes ti work with him.Mark is time bound,respects other and obove all has good interpersonal relations" January 13,2016,Abdifatah. Worked with Mark at AMP Digital Marketing  

Abdifatah Contractor

"Working with Mark at 180fusion was a great experience! We were quick to develop a great friendship that i really enjoyed having and continue to have today.His exceptional communication,creativity,and knowledge of business made Mark a very valuable asset to our team.I learned a from Mark about customer relationships,core marketing principles,and business strategy that i will always utilize.I would highly recommended mark for any business  environment where he was able to leverage his highly level strategies and marketing skills." January 8,2016,Brett worked directly with Mark at AMP Digital Marketing

Brett Director of Digital Marketing
Director of Digital Marketing

"Mark constantly thinks outside the box while looking for opportunities to succeed.His drive to be successful helps his clients and those around him also reach their goals." December 15,2015,Micah managed Mark at AMP Digital Marketing

Micah Director of client experience
Director of Client Experience at 180Fusion

"Mark is the go to guy for digital marketing.Mark knows how to create effective marketing campaigns that increase revenue streams for your product or service.I highly recommend him for any marketing needs that you or yours company may have." March 29,2015,Sara was a consultant or contractor to Mark at AMP Digital Marketing

Mary Research Associate
Research Associate at The Berkner Group

"It was a great experience working with Mark.His professionalism has built his reputation in digital marketing.He is good mentor and is always willing to help.He is a valuable asset to any company.He has exceptional skills combined with a good heart.I highly recommend working with him if you can!" Worked with mark at AMP Digital Marketing

Mary HR and Admin
HR and Admin

"If you are looking for a leader who succeeds,then you are on the right track! It has been my privilege to work with Mark.He is not just a HARD working person but a SMART working person.He has a high level Of commitment while  seeking  for continuous improvement.More importantly,he has a strong and exceptional desire to serve his customers.He knows how to meet the expectations and demands of his  clients even when its almost impossible to do so.He goes out of his way to give deep value to his work.If i was asked to describe Mark through a letter from the alphabet,it would be the letter "E".E for Efficiency,Effectiveness and Excellence in his work.I highly recommend Mark!!!" March 28,2015,Krystal was with another company when working with Mark at AMP Digital Marketing

Krystal Medical Practice Professional
Medical Practice Professional

"Mark is the rare breed of businessman who can see the big picture,layout the step by step process effectively,and then execute with precision.I have worked with Mark on multiple projects and have been highly impressed with his work ethic,integrity,intelligence,and drive.I give Mark my highest recommendation and know he would be a valuable asset in whatever organization or role he is involved in." October 17,2013,Dave was with another company when working with Mark at AMP Digital Marketing

Dave Enterpreneur

Mark is one of those leaders you want to work with. A goal driven person with an exceptional passion for attaining success in all of his endeavors. He is a man of integrity, values and wit, thus making him a valuable asset in any organization. Having him involved would be a great decision, for you will be dealing with someone who will bring your business to a high level of success. Mark is such a remarkable man and I would have no hesitations in giving him my highest recommendation!" Worked with Mark at AMP Digital Marketing

Maricel Student
Student at Bohol Island State University

"Mark has been a pleasure to work with. His energetic personality and pro-active work ethic accompanied by his ability to get things done make him a great choice for anyone considean doing business with Mark." October 10, 2013, John was with another company when working with Mark atAMP Digital Markethg

John Multimedia design & marketing
Multimedia Design & Marketing at The lntelitech Group

Mark has superior interpersonal skills and works equally well independently. I am very confident in his abilities to provide inspired leadership and motivation for those he works with. Mark is also a rare example of the perfect business marketing advocate. Extremely prepared, well spoken with experience to match. His level of effectiveness makes the competitive playing field unfair for the competition.” March 23, 2015, partha worked Indirectly for Mark at AMP Digital Marketing


“I first met Mark as an interviewee for a sales position at Check Net. I was most impressed with how responsive he was to my passions and interests not only in regards to my goals as a sales associate at Check Net, but to my personal business goals. He had a lot of insight and motivation to offer that further propelled me forward to achieving my goals. He had incredible talent for juggling multiple agendas: I felt that my needs were being met, and he allowed me to approach my position how I felt would best breed success, while he also met the companies' goals and expectations for protocols and numbers. Mark was very organized. and detailed in his execution which made for a comprehensive flow of meeting agendas, and setting and achieving sales goals. He was very personable. and fun to be around. You felt like a better person, who could achieve even more with the tools he provided, and the motivation he inspired. It was a pleasure working with Mark, I highly recommend him as a passionate leader, and strong business builder!" May 9, 2014, Amanda reported to Mark at AMP Digital Marketing

Amanda Business Development
Business Development, Commercial Finance

Experienced Business Development Professional in Commercial and Govemment Sales “Mark was an exciting and engaged professional who always sought to address his customers' needs and surpassed their expectations regularly. I recommend building a relationship with Mark because he will help you reach your business goals and objectives.” March 10, 2015, Samuel worked with Mark at AMP Digital Marketing


"I have had the pleasure of knowing Mark for the past 2 years while working on many projects together. Mark is a deadline oriented person. He is a customer focused strategist. Mark is also an innovative thinker that is always ready to put all his energy and stamina into getting the job done correctly. He has an in—depth understanding of digital marketing and traditional marketing and is willing to utilize his experience to accomplish all of his client's goals. I really enjoyed working with him and I strongly recommend him!" Worked with Mark at AMP Digital Marketing

Osman Mechanical Engineering Professional
Osman Goni
Mechanical or Industrial Engineering Professional

"I have known Mark for a couple of years while he was my Manager of the Sales and marketing team at Checknet. He was very helpful and always available. He brought new and helpful sales principals to our team It was a good change for us and was very beneficial. Mark is a valuable asset to any sales team and brings with him a strong business culture." November 1, 2013, Karen reported to Mark at AMP Digital Marketing

Karen Branch Manager
Branch Manager/Escrow Officer at Northern Title

"Mark is a man of integrity, vision and passion. He was always available to discuss ideas or concerns, and he always fought for the benefit of all involved in a project or negotiation. Based on my experience working with Mark I would recommend him for any sales type consultation or position needing a person of his quality.” October 28, 2013. Steven reported to Mark at AMP Digital Marketing

Steven Sales Co-ordinator
Sales Coordinator at Huskey Truss 8. Building Supply

“Mark is an enthusiastic and dedicated sales professional and a super individual to work with. I've been particularly impressed with how he establishes a solid relationship with potential clients and moves purposefully towards closing.” October 26, 2013, Peter worked directly with Mark at AMP Digital Marketing

Peter Chief Financial Officer
Chief Financial Officer at Jamberry Nails

“Mark is honest, hard-working, and committed to doing everything in his power to make his employer successful." October 23, 2013, Ken worked directly with Mark at AMP Digital Marketing

Life Is like a game of tennis; the player who serves well seldom loses

“I have only known Mark for 1 year, however, during this short time I have witnessed an incredible amount of talent. Mark was my direct supervisor at Checknet and was responsible for Managing the Sales and Marketing Team. Mark was determined to establish a strong team through his elite leadership skills, and he did not disappoint!! He is extremely organized, efficient and does not give up. Mark has an amazing ability to create a high level of motivation among his peers, and I have noticed that Mark leads those around him to greatness because he wants it for them, not from them. Mark is a master at creating and implementing systems within a company which I feel is necessary to the success of any business. He truly does want himself as well as those around him to succeed and will do anything in his power to make it happen. Mark is now and will always be an asset to any company and or project he is working with. 1 would highly recommend him and would truly enjoy working with him again in the future!" October 16, 1013, Michelle reported to Mark at AMP Digital Marketing

Michelle Sales/Marketing
Sales/Marketing at Protek

“Watching Mark size up and then seize the opportunity of implementing a social media presence for the dealership, and then watching him exceed the expectations of management was illuminating. Give Mark a task, allow him some room to move, and stand back! (Like a rich Iowa farmer surveying his south 4D. Mark is a man outstanding in his field)" October 14, 2013, Paul worked with Mark at AMP Digital Marketing

Paul Dick Hannah Dealerships
Dick Hannah Dealerships

“Mark's biggest qualities are his professional courage and his desire to stretch and grow as an individual. While working together, I saw Mark step outside his comfort zone and diligently work to become the best Account Executive and Marketing Associate he could be through hard work. determination and old fashioned sweat. This man is a workhorse and his humility and admittance that he isn't perfect allows him to learn from his mistakes and proactively seek help and other opinions. Since I've seen Mark work in action, I would recommend him for nearly any role in the realm of sales or marketing." October 10, 2013, Alan managed Mark indirectly at AMP Digital Marketing

Alan Business Development
Business Development at Drillinginfo

"My time with Mark at Portland Corporate Games was an excellent experience. Previously before joining the company, Mark had successfully set up Portland Corporate Games and had grown the involvement of local companies to a great number. Such big names as Yahoo, Better Homes & Garden Real Estate, Alpine Mortgage and LA Fitness. Mark had a great business and event plan, and executed it thoroughly. Working alongside Mark was an easy task and enjoyable in my time spend with PCG. Mark always followed on his goals to provide the very best experience for each company, depending on what they were looking to get from participating in the games. Overall Mark is an asset in the event game. He knows his audience. knows his client, and knows the best possible and goal for everyone." October 9, 2013, Antonio worked directly with Mark at AMP Digital Marketing

Antonio Senior Designer
Senior Designer @ MFIA Consulting Engineers

"I met Mark when he came to me to use our facilities as a part of the Portland Corporate Games. It was a pleasure to work with Mark as he was very personable. Trying to get the Portland Corporate Games off the ground was a very big undertaking and Mark was always organized and prepared. It was easy to partner with Mark as he was accommodating and always kept the interests of the participants as a priority." June 23, 2010. Eric worked directly with Mark at AMP Digital Marketing

Eric Superintendent of Recreation
Superintendent of Recreation at Tualatin Hills Park District

"Mark is a high-energy leader with great strategic vision and excellent people skills. He is a pleasure to work with and has an incredible can-do attitude. Mark is goal-oriented and is relentless when it comes to continuous improvement. If you are looking for somebody who gets results and has contagious enthusiasm, Mark is your man!” June 3, 2010, Chrlstopher was wlth another company when working with Mark at AMP Digital Marketing

Christopher WorldWide Business Manager
Worldwide Business Manager (MBA, ASQ-Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt)

"I've known Mark for a number of years and feel very confident in his abilities to provide inspired leadership and motivation for those he works with. Mark's greatest contribution is his ability to effectively communicate vision and inspiration and help motivate those around him. Mark and I have been business partners for a 4 years and I'm please with the ability to counsel with him on business matters (not all can say that about current and former business partners). | feel confident to recommend Mark as a determined, hardworking business associate." June 3, 2010, Dave was wlth another company when working with Mark at AMP Digital Marketing

Dave Director
Director at Zentrum Group, LLc

"When Mark and I worked on an advertising project together, I was impressed with how much of a team player he was. He is personable, genuine, hard working...the list goes on. If you want someone in your corner, keeping your best interest at heart and protecting your bottom line, Mark's your guy!" June 15, 2010, Naylene was a consultant or contractor to Mark at AMP Digital Marketing

Naylene Voice Actress
Voice Actress

"There are many blessings on this earth, but I think a GOOD friend / colleague is one of the greatest blessings indeed. I know Mark to be a great team player. He always has an uplifting attitude and is a very positive person. Mark has always been willing and interested in helping others on our team. One time Mark mentored a "newer comer" on our marketing team and that person became a valuable employee for our company. Mark is very VALUABLE ASSET to any organization and I whole heartily recommend him!" March 31. 2015. Shama worked with Mark at AMP Digital Marketing

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