Multi Location

Efficient Online Marketing Strategies

SEO for companies with several locations may be complicated in the beginning. A lot of different locations of your business does not necessarily mean higher online rankings. You can rely on AMP Digital Marketing to take care of your marketing tactics and restructure advertising for multiple locations for best ROI results. Your online presence will grow with our simple yet effective marketing strategies.

Better SEO

By executing an audit of your current content, we discover where you stand. We have experience in working with companies with recognized SEO for several locations and also fresh businesses that are new to the online market. In both cases, the target audience should be identified by creating a combination of city or state names and your product or service keywords. We will assess your existing rankings and identify areas for enhancement.


At first, we examine organic ranking of your site. Next we influence your content to match with Search engine algorithms that determine rankings. There are a few ways for effective application of multi-location marketing:
Social Media:
We will guide you on your accounts and tips on creating engaging content for your audience. (Read More)
Email Marketing: Segmenting campaigns based on geography or company location is often a clever move. We will help you choose the best approach. (Read More)
Reputation Management:
We do our best to protect you from negative criticism of your company from customers by displaying them at the bottom of the search results. (Read More)
We cooperate with our clients on every step of the process to make sure they are comfortable with our moves.

Making the Most of Your Marketing Budget

Advertising companies with multiple locations is often difficult due to failure of reaching audiences through basic channels. Online marketing for multiple locations can solve such problems for your business. You can address specific demographics using tools such as Facebook Ads and Point-Per-Click Ads. Segmentation of ads according to city, age and gender is sometimes required.
Such advertising can get quite costly, but when it comes to PPC, you only pay for each click of a potential customer when they are taken to a relevant page.

Why AMP Digital Marketing?

AMP Digital Marketing has proven experience in multiple location marketing services. Our experts understand that every business situation is unique and we can simplify tactics to keep the costs low. Your priorities are important, whether it’s about sorting through your company reviews or building a page on Google Places.

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Advertising for multiple locations is not always difficult. We look out for rising trends and innovations to keep your business up to date and relevant. Improve your SEO and help those potential customers connect with your brand. Don’t waste your time, Schedule a consultation today by calling us at (801) 642-4696.