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PPC, or Pay Per Click advertising and marketing is becoming very popular among small companies. One of the main reasons is that it is rather simple and effective solution. Such ads include main information about search terms and allows businesses to target their potential clients by strategic placement. PPC marketing has made it super easy to increase visits, influence clients’ actions and grow profits. You can either choose from several ready-to-go campaigns or we can create a customized plan based on your business needs. We’ll take care of everything from placement to bid rates and make sure you’re investing your money in the right places.
Targeting desired audience and using search terms for growing your business might seem an easy task at a glance, but it definitely is not. Our experts have the knowledge and skills to create a consistent and successful PPC campaign for your business.

PPC campaign breakdown

We offer various campaign options for different budgets and requirements.
Select from a variety of campaign types in order to create a structure that fits your needs and budget. We’ll set it all up with an optimized Adwords campaign strategy that won’t keep you waiting for results for long.

Search Ads – We collect data and optimize bids. As a result, your target audience will see your information when looking at search engines. To achieve the best results we take everything into consideration including the user’s device, location, time and search intent. To make sure your ads are always on top of their performance, we’ll work on your keywords and ad copy as well.
Display Ads – visualizing company’s idea, whether through videos, photos or text, has always proven successful. With right analysis, smart placement and optimized information, we can make sure you’re targeting your potential clients the right way. In addition, we can monitor your campaign expenses through manual bid optimization.
Remarketing or retargeting PPC campaigns especially focus on clients who might convert. Such PPC campaign compare the customer information (location, search history, personal details, search history) with your data (keywords, categories, etc.). In order for your campaign to be successful, your ads should be targeted towards potential customers who are actually interested in your products/services.
Remarketing Lists for Search Ads – To convert clients, such ads also use targeted keywords and cookies, but they are only limited to the previous visitors of your website. Once they search for relevant products to your keywords, your ad will pop up right in front of them and let them know that that’s the place they find what they need.
Google Shopping – Also known as Product Listing Ads (PLA) or marketing in the Google Merchant Center, Google Shopping displays your ads to those who search for relevant products in Google’s Shopping search engine. This campaign also seeks the right audience through your keywords and campaign parameters; once the right fit is there, you can bid on your ad placement. The possibilities are high here as the purpose for search is usually the intent to buy.

Why PPC Management?

You can buy top positions for sharing you message in social media settings and search engines via PPC ads. The best part about such campaign is that you get to control every single step and penny throughout the process. PPC is the easiest way to find those perfect clients who have the potential of becoming loyal advocates of your brand. However, professional expertise is required to make the most of PPC campaigns. That’s where PPC management team steps in.

Who is PPC for?

PPC can be rather profitable for all kinds of businesses, who use SEO for improving their rankings. It is even more useful for small companies with small budgets, who are trying to get ahead of competition. With PPC, even minimal budget can make a difference and increase your conversion rates.
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