What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization, or as we all know it SEO, is a methodology used to increase the ranking of a website in various search engines. SEO is focused around finding useful keywords, validating codes, creating good links and targeted content.


Search Engine Marketing, simply SEM includes all points of search marketing like SEO, PPC, social media campaigns, affiliate programs, etc. While SEO specifically targets search engine rankings.

How all these profit my company?

It is clear that your profits highly depend on the quality of your products or services. What you might not know is that it’s just as crucial to make sure your products reach the right audience. That’s where we step in. We can bring potential customers to your company and consequently increase your revenue.

Do I still need AMP Digital Marketing if I do Adwords?

The answer is simple. Adwords is a short-sighted solution to the problem, while AMP Digital Marketing offers you a long-term plan to make sure your website does not require constant tweaking. PPC (Adwords) can definitely drive relevant traffic to your website, but as soon as your stop investing in it, the traffic stops as well. What we do is that we make sure that in the end your website stands strong on its own with high organic ranking in Google and other search engine and generates constant traffic.

How is reporting done at AMP Digital Marketing?

Our reporting dashboard displays LIVE Data 24/7.

Our clients are always fully aware of our actions. We maintain complete transparency at all times, while providing the best digital solutions.

Black Hat vs White Hat SEO?

Black hat SEO refers to using unapproved methods for increasing your website’s search engine rankings. If search engine realizes you’re using Black hat SEO, the consequences can range from dramatic drops in your ranking to complete removal of your site from their index. At AMP Digital Marketing we only use White hat SEO, safe practices approved by search engines, to promote your website.

How do you recognize good keywords?

Everything starts by understanding the idea behind your business. You describe it from your perspective and tell us what you think would be good seed keywords for your website. Then we do what we do the best. Our team of professionals uses cutting edge technology to find the best keywords from hundreds of relevant search terms. We analyze how often these keywords are searched, how many competitors use the same keywords, etc. We will continue the search until we find the very best keywords for your website based on your budget and goals. Choosing the right keywords is the most collaborative stage of the client and consultants.

Are long term contracts a requirement at AMP Digital Marketing?

Long term contracts are not a requirement at AMP Digital Marketing. However, we refrain from working with companies that are not willing to cooperate with us for at least 6 months. We believe this time is essential to make sure we achieve valuable results that can actually make a difference.

I was penalized by Google. Can AMP Digital Marketing help me?

Yes. AMP Digital Marketing can get you off the black list from Google or other search engine and get you listed again. It is however important that you only use white hat SEO moving forward. We’ll communicate closely with you to get your site on top of search engine rankings. Poor links are one of the most common reasons for a failing site. We check your links and help you remove the ones that are hurting your rankings.